New Phuket Travel Experience

ประสบการณ์ธรรมดาที่ไม่ธรรมดา ต้องออกมาหาด้วยตัวเอง

Experience the hidden pearl of Andaman through meaningful journey of the true life style of
Phuket at “
Bang Rong” community-based tourism. 

priceless moments in time the money cannot buy.

Bangrong Community welcomes
PHIST5 2022

we are looking forward to welcoming PHIST5 guests
to joint the new Phuket experience journey with us
on September 24-25, 2022
(special booking code in your PHIST5 registration email)

Special Programs for PHIST5 2022

Programs include community meaningful activities, round trip joined transfer from hotel, and with & without lunch.

Cruise in
Mangrove Forest

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What is CBT Community-based Tourism ?

Community tourism is the travel and activity programs that conducted by community.

It embrace people in the location to work together in delivery of authentic local experience to tourists. The revenue gained from selling travel package will be distributed among them.

Khun Prasert Ritraksa is the chairperson and leader of Bangrong community-based tourism community.

CBT or community-based tourism is the sustainable tourism.

Why book Bangrong CBT ?

1. Authentic new experience money cannot buy.

2. Contribute 100 % to sustaiable development in the community. 

What are activities at Bangrong ?

1. Warm Welcome
2. Pineapple Harvesting
3. Rubber Tree Tapping
4. Coconut Picking &
Cooking Workshop
5. Yummy Local Lunch
6. Cruise in
Mangrove Forests
7. Grab Phuket Mini Octopus by Hands
8. Crab Release
Give Back to Nature
9. Freshly Cook
on the Boat
10. Relax on the Paradise Island, Koh Pae

How to book to a tour package ?

You can book online by choosing the packages available in the website.

How long should I book a tour in advance ?

It would be our appreciation if you could book 2-3 days minimum in advance.

For group bookings, please contact us via email.

Do Bangrong packages include transfer from my hotel ?

Our full and half day packages are not currently inclusive of round trip transfers from your hotel.

How many guests booked Bangrong programs since 2021 ?

We had over 1,000 guests enjoyed our fun and memorable programs since re-opening of Phuket under Phuket sandbox in July 2021 both domestic and international tourists. 

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